Kavaratti Beach - Lakshadweep

Kavaratti Beach - Lakshadweep

The picturesque beach of Kavaratti is located at a distance of 400kms from the west coast of Kerala.

Why Kavaratti?
Kavaratti beach comes with the promise of blue gushing waters, a serene atmosphere with tall swaying palm trees and sandy beaches plus with 52 uniquely designed aesthetic mosques; the beach’s beauty is indescribable! With such man-made beauty dotting the stunning natural beauty it is no wonder that Kavaratti beach happens to be one of the most popular beaches of Lakshadweep.

What else?
Kavaratti offers visitors with plenty of visiting options with an aquarium and the Dolphin dive center which is a recently built structure, serving as a major tourist. Other attractions include a wide variety of water sports, and the delicately carved stone carvings which can be seen on stone heads of graveyards! Marine life viewing through glass bottomed boats is a must do activity when at Kavaratti beach.

How do I reach?
Since Kavaratti is an island, road and rail travel is not possible. Visitors could either take the aerial route with the Indian Airlines flights or hop onto a cruise from Mumbai. Other travel options would include taking a boat from one of the various islands of Lakshadweep.

Where do I stay?
Accommodation options are limited at Kavaratti beach, with very few resorts and guest cottages being present on the beach.

What do I carry?
While visiting Kavaratti, just carry your beach and swim wear with you. As Kavaratti, being the administrative capital is well stocked with everything that one might need!

A green mystic body, bordered by creamy sandy coast. This perfectly describes archipelago called Lakshadweep.
Lakshadweep Beach
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