Chetlat Beach - Lakshadweep

Chetlat Beach - Lakshadweep

The charming and gorgeous beach of Chetlat is situated at a distance of about 90kms from Mangalore.

Why Chetlat?
Complete with gushing waves, serene atmosphere, cool green coconut trees and soft sands, Chetlat is the ideal beach if you are looking for relaxation and a laidback atmosphere to go with it. The beach mesmerizes visitors with its stunning nature views and relaxed atmosphere.

What else?
Chetlat offers a mind boggling variety of flora and fauna to its visitors, with an amazing range of aqua life which can experienced first hand through Scuba diving! The hugely famous Tuna species of fish are found here. Along with the aquatic life, one could also visit the bird sanctuary here.

How do I get there?
You can reach Chetlat either by taking the aerial route with Indian Airlines or by the cruise from Mumbai. One could also take boats from the neighboring islands in Lakshadweep. Since Chetlat is also an island, road and rail travel is not possible.

Where do I stay?
Visitors will have to find accommodation in main islands like Bangram and Agatti, as Chetlat offers no accommodation options.

What do I carry?
Whenever visiting Chetlat, it is necessary to carry cotton clothes along with good footwear for long walks and hikes. Visitors would also be advised to carry a good camera to capture the beauty of the place.

A green mystic body, bordered by creamy sandy coast. This perfectly describes archipelago called Lakshadweep.
Lakshadweep Beach
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