Androth Island - Lakshadweep

Androth Island - Lakshadweep

The Androth island of Lakshadweep is located 293 kms, from Cochin and 198 kms from Kozhikode. It is the nearest island to the mainland and has an east-west alignment unlike the other islands which are in north-south direction. Androth is the largest island in the Lakshadweep.

Why Andrott?
The beautiful and serene Androth Islands marks the rich historical past of the country and traces back the origin to the second most followed religion of India, Islam. It is said, Saint Abdullah who lived here converted the people of the island to Islam. People were so influenced with his preachings that they adopted Islam as the state religion. His tomb can be found at Juma'at Mosque. The island is famous for its scenic beauty which is enhanced by dense vegetation mainly of coconut groves. Apart from its picturesque landscape, Androth is famous for its fishing industry which forms the backbone of its economy. It sure is the ultimate place to discover.

What else?
Apart from the Juma'at Mosque, the island boasts of the first constructed modern lighthouse of Lakshadweep. Costructed by the Government of India, the Lighthouse Tower is situated at the East end of Androth Island. The lighthouse is just 3 km by road from Jetty and is one of the major tourist attractions at Androth. The island offers Boat Cruises into the Arabian Sea and nearby areas. Delightful, isn't it?

How do I get there?
Androth is connected by air as well as sea. The nearest airports are Cochin Airport and Agatti Aiport. For those who prefer the sea route, regular passenger vessels services are available every week to Androth Island from Cochin.

Where to stay?
There may not be resorts to check into at Androth Island, but tourists can opt for adjacent resorts like Agatti Island Beach Resort and Bangaram Island Resort Full Board. Both the islands are fully equipped with a range of water sport activities and tours to the other nearby islands.

What do I carry?
Since alcohol is not permitted there, one should reconsider carrying it. Moreover, Lakshadweep is filled with ethnic and exclusive merchandise available as you stroll the streets. Fishing is regarded as one of the biggest activities, so do not forget to tag your fishing gear along with you.

By - Avni Mehrotra

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