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Tangerine 9
Wednesday, 14 Dec, 2011 – 2:40 | No Comment

The city of Bhubaneshwar is an extremely vibrant one, but as it is a place of religious importance, finding good non vegetarian food in this city is a task. For those who are craving to …

Chandipur beach-Orissa
Tuesday, 13 Dec, 2011 – 4:52 | No Comment

One of the finest beaches of Orissa, the Chandipur beach is aptly called, “The land of hidden treasures”. Whispering of the tamarisk trees, the series of keshew and keya trees on both sides, the cool …

The Crown-Bhubaneswar
Monday, 5 Dec, 2011 – 1:06 | No Comment

If you are planning to visit Bhubaneswar with your family for a tour of the holy temples or for a holiday at the beach, do keep The Crown hotel as a stay option. The hotel …

Shopping in Orissa
Wednesday, 30 Nov, 2011 – 0:23 | No Comment

The state of Orissa has long been known for its influx of varied cultures which has paved way for a horde of different arts and crafts influenced by these religions. While you are visiting Orissa, …

Toshali Sands
Thursday, 17 Nov, 2011 – 2:00 | No Comment

If you are planning on a trip to Orissa’s famous Jagannath Puri Temple with your family or just want to spend a couple of days strolling through the peaceful beaches of Puri, make sure to …

Shanghai Express
Tuesday, 30 Aug, 2011 – 5:23 | No Comment

If Chinese cuisine is what you crave for then The Shanghai Express in Orissa is the place to be. Located opposite Ram Mandir; of all the restaurants in Bhubhaneshwar this is one which is unparalleled in terms …