Marina Beach – Tamil Nadu

Marina Beach – Tamil Nadu

People love visiting places that are widely known, some for their weird nature, others for unique character. Marina beach, 3km east from the city of Chennai is one such place. Known for its unusual coastal length, a 12 km stretch of silver sands from Fort St. George to Mahabalipuram, Marina is the longest beach in India.

Being the longest beach certainly adds to the popularity of the beach with curious tourists flocking the beach in large numbers. Palm trees and casuarinas lined up across this long stretch adds to the panoramic view of the beach. Though the State Government needs to act quick before this natural beauty slips down on the popularity front, silver sands and clean blue waters more than make up for it. The beautifully sculpted statues of noted personalities along side the beach road are quite popular with the tourists.

What else?
Swimming is prohibited as the undercurrents are too convulsive to dive in. Although you can still enjoy swimming in the state-run pool nearby. The magnificent light house standing 48 m above sea level to the south of the beach offers an extensive view of the city. St. George fort, Kapaleeswar Temple and Guindy National Park are some of the other attractions.

Diving or snorkeling are not the activities to try here, so to get a glimpse of the marine life, head your way to the aquarium close by. Exotic fresh water and tropical fish collection would delight any advent marine explorer. If visiting the “big – 5” lakes of North America and feeling the cold seems impossible, visit the Ice House instead, to the south of the aquarium. It stores ice brought from these lakes.

Where do I stay?
Marina is widely known and this makes it difficult to arrange for accommodation during the seasons. Make prior bookings to avoid rush later. Wide range of accommodation options suiting every budget makes Chennai, a tourist friendly city.

How to reach?
Air: Most domestic and international airlines have direct flights to Chennai.
Rail: The city of Chennai is well connected by an efficient railway network, both inter and intra state.
Road: State Corporation buses plying regularly to the beach are the safest and cheapest of the options. The other option is to hire vehicles from private operators.

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