Paradise Beach – Pondicherry

Paradise Beach – Pondicherry

India is a country that possesses a landscape that is as varied and fascinating as its people. It has something for everyone and this captivating nation is nothing short of paradise for all the beach lovers across the globe. With the whole coast of the Indian Peninsula doubling up as a never-ending heaven of palm-fringed white sands and magnificent clear blue seas, you can be sure that in India you will definitely find the one beach that fits your definition of the Perfect Beach Holiday.

On this website we provide facts, tips, and an in-depth analysis of all the best beaches of India. You can choose from a kaleidoscope of experiences, from the all-time favourite activity of just lazing around on the sands and in the shacks of one of the world’s most chill out capitals – the famous Goa beaches to jet setting with the glamorous in the original Indian island city the buzzing and cosmopolitan Mumbai; this and every experience in between, it’s all right here!

For those seeking something isolated so that you can attain a state of your own personal Nirvana, you can try one of the secluded and lesser known beaches of India, where you can be left alone to contemplate on the world and yourself and everything in between, ensconced amid nature’s luscious bounty.

Newly married couples can rejoice, for we can help you choose from a whole range of picture perfect beaches to decide a honeymoon destination that is best suited to your taste. You can choose from the thrills of water sports with your loved one or opt for our silver beaches and moonlit skies for your most memorable romantic walks by the beach. You can be assured that a honeymoon here will be the stuff that all the best romantic fantasies are made of.
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If you want a truly Indian experience, you can try the beaches of Kerala the spas here are world renowned for their prowess in the practice of Ayurveda. In this idyllic setting by the sea, you can drift into a blissful state of mind and drown away your worries in the clear blue ocean.For every traveler, for every type of holiday; for the perfect beach vacation in India, you will find everything you need to know right here with us. So join us and create memories that will last you at least a lifetime!

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