Ramchandi Beach – Orissa

Ramchandi Beach – Orissa

The beach is a 7 kilometres ride from the widely popular shrine of Konark. It lies at the confluence of River Kusabhadra and the Bay of Bengal. It is home to the Temple of Goddess Ramchandi (the beach is named after the Goddess). Ramchandi beach is one of the least known of the paradises in the coastal belt of Orissa.

Why Ramchandi?
Well, why not? The beach has everything to relax the body and calm the soul. A calm, serene environment minus the crowd, wild forests in the background and an amazing picturesque location makes Ramchandi the right place to be when searching for solace.

What Else?
Mostly visited by locals, Ramchandi is slowly getting popular among curious explorers and sea adventurers. Not much was known about the place until the high tides struck hard and it came to notice.

High tides are another blessing for enthusiasts pursuing sea surfing. Cashing on the popularity of this sport, the Tourism department has roped in experts from across the globe to popularise it further. Meditation has found takers here and it is not uncommon to find meditation sessions combined with surfing, a favourite activity on the beach.

How do I get there?
Bhubaneshwar is the nearest airport and is well connected to most Indian cities. Konark has road links to both Bhubaneswar (65 km) and Puri (35 km). Puri is the nearest railway station and is again a well connected junction.

Where do I stay?
From budget hotels to luxury suites, Ramchandi hosts it all. Cheap ones like Royal Lodge (though the name suggest otherwise) and Travellers Lodge are great options for budget tight travellers. For spendthrifts, Lotus Resort is the place to be.

What do I carry?
All that a beach trip consists of: moisturiser cream, some extra clothes, and a digital camera for capturing your favourite moments. Sea surfing boards and other related stuffs are available on the beach, so be least bothered about it.

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