Konark Beach in Orissa,Konark Beach

Konark Beach – Orissa

Situated about 32-km from Puri on Marine Drive, the sprawling beach at Konark is rated as one of the finest in the world. One can enjoy the sea breezed by taking a simple stroll by the beach side. The strolling by the beach side is a pleasant experience. You can also laze around under the sun to enjoy its soothing effects.

Why Konark Beach?
Konark is the location of the Konark Temple which is been referred as one of the finest paradigm of spiritual composition in the world. The Sun God, the temple is worshiped and has been considered a world heritage site. This nice and quiet beach is about 3-km from the temple. The sunrise at konark beach is just marvelous.

What else?
Around Konark Beach you will find other exciting places like the Ramachandi temple situated at a distance of 8 km at a place where the river Kushabhadra meets with the sea. Beleswar is popular for the Saiva shrine and the sea beach. Balighai beach and Kurum is known for the excavations relating to Buddhist architecture. One can also enjoy the dance festival held in December view. It has live performances of various traditional dance forms like Odissi, Bharatnatyam,Manipuri, Kathak and Chhow.

How do I get there?
The nearest airport is Bhubaneshwar, 65 km away, which is very well associated to Calcutta, Delhi, Madras and other airports. The city is well connected by rail to Bhubaneshwar and Puri. By road Konark is 65 km from Bhubaneswar and 35 km from the

Where do I stay?
This beach is a famous polace for tourist, and therefore you will easily find accommodation for a night there in various hotels, guest houses, resorts etc.

What do I carry?
Do carry your personal brands of medicine and alcohol as sometimes these might not be available on the beach.

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