Gopalpur Beach in Orissa,Gopalpur Beach Tour

Gopalpur Beach – Orissa

Located about 16-km from Berhampur in Orissa, the Gopalpur beach is one of the most pristine beaches in India. The beach offers tourists a serene and exciting atmosphere at the same time. While those coming here to seek relaxation can just enjoy on the golden sands, water enthusiasts can plunge into the crystal clear waters of the sea for some adventure.

Why gopalpur beach?
Unlike the Puri beach, the Gopalpur beach is a great escape from the world because it is less crowded. Gopalpur beach has the remains of a jetty that stands as an evidence to the once humming commercial activities with Indonesia that happened via the sea. During the pre independence period, the East India Company had built huge storage houses to store rice that came from Rangoon. The beach was a great trading point during all times until the 19th century. It was also a vacation spot for rich Bengali families and the members of the East India Company.

What else?
The temple here is an added attraction for the travelers.

How to get there?
By Air: Bhubaneshwar is the nearest airport, which is 186 km away.

By Rail: Berhampur,
The Berhampur station is 16 km away from the beach, well connected with the capital city of Bhubaneshwar and Vizag.

By Road:
The city of Berhampur is about 16km from the beach, while Bhubaneshwar is about 180 km.

Where to stay?
The peak season is November- January, when accommodations are full, in which case you can book early. During the other months, it is easy to find an accommodation suitable to your budget and needs.

What to carry?
Generally it is advisable to carry accessories which are used while swimming on a beach. Apart from that you can also carry.

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