Balaramgadi Beach – Orissa

Balaramgadi Beach – Orissa

When you think of tourism in Orissa, the first thing that comes to your mind is beaches. The state of Orissa is home to some of the best beaches in India. One such beach is Balaramgadi beach in Orissa.

Balaramgadi beach is located at a distance of roughly two to three kilometers away from the famous Chandipur beach in Orissa. Balaramgadi beach can be easily reached by tourist vehicles, private cars or by other means. Locals can easily guide you to Balaramgadi beach and it is mostly a straight road from Chandipur Beach.

Why Balaramgadi beach?
As it is one of the smaller beaches of Orissa, Balaramgadi beach offers serenity to the traveller who wants some peace from places filled with tourists. Apart from this, the beach is extremely clean and the water is safe for swimming.

What Else?
Apart from lazing around at Balaramgadi beach, one can indulge in a variety of adventure sports like boat rides on the River Budhabalanga. The specialty of Balaramgadi beach is that it is the point of convergence with the Budhabalanga river offering a point of interest to the nature lovers.

How to Get there?
In order to reach Balaramgadi beach, one has to go via Chadipur in Orissa. Chandipur can be reached via private vehicle or rickshaw from Balasore, which is at a distance of 16 kms from Chandipur. You can even hire a direct rickshaw from Balasore to Balaramgadi beach which is roughly an hour’s distance away.

Where to Stay?
There are a scant number of Hotels in Balaramgadi beach, one can go to check out Hotels in Chandipur beach in order to spend the night. Hotels like Hotel Chandipur, Hotel Shabnam and some hotels run by the Orissa tourism department are good options.

What to Carry?
Make sure to carry your camera as Balaramgadi beach offers a variety of breathtaking sights. Apart from this, carry your swimming trunks and sun tan cream as this is a slight temperate zone. If you are interested in fishing carry your fishing rods as Balaramgadi beach, Orissa offers a lot of fishing opportunities.

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