Manori Beach – Mumbai

Manori Beach – Mumbai

The beautiful Manori beach positions itself 40 kms away from the clamorous atmosphere of Mumbai. It is placed at the North of Mumbai, located about 20 minutes away from Madh Island .

Why Manori Beach?
Breath of fresh air, serene atmosphere, ignorance to all your worries – such is the virtue of Manori beach located in fishing village of Manori. Your desire to bathe in clean and pleasant, yet playful waters of the sea can be fulfilled here. If this were not enough night beach parties are frequent in Manori beach. People fatigued with routine lives loosen their nerves and let their hair down! Ferry rides from Marve beach can take you to Manori in 15 minutes. You will find Manori beach more crowded than Marve beaches.

What else?
Manori village has high ratios of East Indian population and that cab be noticed through the dressing style of natives. Chapels along the roadside are a common sight. What is uncommon and most famous though is Manori Bel, an assemblage of white-washed Spanish patterned villas furnished with organized rooms and wicker furniture. Manori Rocks between Manori and Gorai beaches, is another tourist spot to visit. Amusement parks such as Esselworld and Water Kingdom are located close to Manori beach.

How do I get there?
There are many means of commuting to Manori beach. You can reach Malad railway station by train and then take the road. From Marve beach it’s a 15-minute ferry ride to Manori Beach.

Where do I stay?
At Manori village there is a row of beachside cottage hotels. Some houses in Manori village duplicate as hotels where you can keep your belongings safetly and freshen up. There are luxury hotels like Manoribel Hotel, Manoribel and Domonica Beach Resort near the beach offering amenities like swings, comfy sofas, beds, barbeques etc. for a comfortable stay.

What do I carry?
Extra clothes, games, sun tan oil, cameras for a fun-filled holiday!

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