Ganpatipule Beach, Maharahtra

Ganpatipule Beach, Maharahtra

The silver sanded beach of Ganpatiphule is located on the western coast of Maharshtra at a distance of 375 kilometers from Mumbai.

Why GanpatiPhule?
The pristine air, crystal-clear waters and the sparkling grey sands give a picturesque beauty to this beach. The narrow roads, red soil, roofed houses, clean courtyards are and lush greenery are loaded with innumerable fruit bearing trees and casuarinas lining. The entire stretch of the beach is flanked by coconut trees and a rich fauna, making it a perfect holiday destination for all nature and sea lovers.

What else?
Atop a hill you are introduced to a beautiful glimpse of the entire beach which is covered with white sands and blue waters. The sifted sands and the gentle lapping sea soothes frayed nerves and makes every tourist visit time and again. The beach also boasts of being a pilgrimage site as it is the abode of a 400 year old temple of Swayambhu Ganpati. The temple is flooded with tourists around the year as it has the unique naturally formed monolithic idol of Lord Ganesh.
Other tourists attractions aroud the beach are Malgund and Ratnagiri. While Malgund is the birth place of a Marathi poet Keshavsoot, Ratnagiri is the birth place of Lokmanya Tilak. There infamous Lord Shiva’s Marleshwar Temple and waterfall 60 kms from Ganpatiphule and the Parshuram temple 112 kms away.

How to get there?
Travelling to Ganpatiphule can be easily done by air, road or rail. Ratnagiri is the nearest airport and Kolhapur is the closest railway station. The beach is also well connected by road with all the places in Maharashtra. So you can opt for a state transport bus from Mumbai, Ratnagiri or Belgaum or take a pleasurable drive down to the place.

Where to stay?
There is a wide selection of hotels as well Government resorts which offer facilities like dormitories and AC suites. Some of the esteemed hotels are the likes of Hotel Landmark, Abhishek Beach Resort, Atithi lodge etc. Besides this, family resorts like Arnav Beach resort and Atithi Parinay are also available for selection.

What do I carry?
It would be best to select your casual summer summer beach wear and a traditional attire, if you plan to visit the Swayambhu Ganpati temple. Load up your pocket, if watersports is your hobby.

By – Avni Mehrotra

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