Chowpatty Beach – Mumbai

Chowpatty Beach – Mumbai

India is a country that possesses a landscape that is as varied and fascinating as its people. It has something for everyone and this captivating nation is nothing short of paradise for all the beach lovers across the globe. With the whole coast of the Indian Peninsula doubling up as a never-ending heaven of palm-fringed white sands and magnificent clear blue seas, you can be sure that in India you will definitely find the one beach that fits your definition of the Perfect Beach Holiday.

On this website we provide facts, tips, and an in-depth analysis of all the best beaches of India. You can choose from a kaleidoscope of experiences, from the all-time favourite activity of just lazing around on the sands and in the shacks of one of the world’s most chill out capitals – the famous Goa beaches for jet setting with the glamorous in the original Indian island city, the buzzing and cosmopolitan Mumbai; this and every experience in between, it’s all right here!

Chowpatty, one of the most well-heard-of beaches and the coolest factor swelling up Mumbai with pride, is situated at the north of Marine Drive. Chowpatty belongs to the central part of Mumbai and is in vicinity to the central business district of Mumbai –Nariman Point.

Why Chowpatty?
For tourists, Chowpatty has been one of the first places acquainted in the bustling city Mumbai. The beach is a sandy stretch lengthening parallelly with Marine Drive road, now renamed as Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Road. Day life at the beach is more or less quiet. Mumbaikars love flocking around the beach in the evenings, rejoicing every minute of life. On the skirts of the beach stand long rows of food stalls offering variety of eateries like the famous Bhel-Puri, Kulfi etc. Fun and fair clouds the atmosphere as one watches the beholding activities of amazing snake charmers, monkey trainers, balloon sellers and masseurs.

What else?
Chowpatty has symbolic significance and emotional ties with Mumbaikars and their festivals. Tourists fortunate enough can get a glimpse of the traditional thread-tying ceremony and Nariel Purnima happening every year at Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai. Idols of Lord Ganesha are immersed in the depth of the waters of Chowpatty that also happens to be one of the most frequented beaches in Mumbai. The only hitch here is the presence of miscreants like pickpockets hushing up for opportunities. So be careful.

How do I get there?
Chowpatty is accessible from Charni Road station on the Western Railway line by BEST buses or cabs.

Where do I stay?
Some of the prominent hotels situated near the Marine Drive- Chowpatty Beach, are Hotel Marine Plaza and Ambassador Hotel with superior rooms letting you enjoy the beauty of the beach.

What do I carry?
Whatever makes good company in the zestful atmosphere of the beach – balls, frisbees, pets, cameras etc.

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