Minicoy Beach – Lakshadweep

Minicoy Beach – Lakshadweep

The beautiful Minicoy beach is situated at a distance of 398 kms from Cochin.

Why Minicoy?
Minicoy beach, with its sandy crescent shaped beachfront has some of the largest lagoons found amongst the other beaches in Lakshadweep. With a 300 foot tall lighthouse on the beach acting as the main tourist attraction, it is no doubt that Minicoy is one of the most popular beaches in Lakshadweep. With it being the most developed islet on Lakshadweep, it offers everything that one could ever need, while on a beach!

What else?
Minicoy beach offers more than just a beach experience to the visitor. Offering a glimpse into their rich culture through performances of traditional dance and festival, a visit to Minicoy is simply indescribable! Other activities offered by Minicoy also include a wide range of water sports to visitors making good use of the large lagoons!

How do I get there?
Minicoy being an island, road and rail travel is not possible. However one could either catch an Indian Airlines flight or a cruise from Mumbai while another travel option would be taking a boat from the various other islands.

Where do I stay?
Minicoy offers accommodation options to visitors in form of cottages and hotels which are well maintained and serve hygienic food.

What do I carry?
While at Minicoy, visitors would be well advised to carry sunscreen and tanning lotions along with a camera to capture the stunning beauty of the place.

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