Kiltan Beach – Lakshadweep

Kiltan Beach – Lakshadweep

Located at a distance of 50 kms from Amini, this tiny picturesque island belongs to the chain of islands in Lakshadweep.

Why Kiltan?
A tiny piece of paradise, Kiltan offers its visitors soft golden sands, calm blue waters and swaying green palm trees to relax and de-stress plus with shallow blue lagoons surrounding this tiny beach, which measures only 594 meters in breadth, Kiltan is like that personal beach you always dreamt of owning! With a sleepy atmosphere and cool winds blowing across the beach front, Kiltan mesmerizes you with the stunning views of sunset over the Arabian Sea.

What else?
The beach has dense green cover, providing for the much needed shade on this sun kissed beach. Kiltan being an island does not offer much on the activities front except for relaxation and activities like fishing, swimming and boating in the shallow lagoons found on the beach. The cadjan leaves cubicles are quite popular amongst tourists as they offer shade and are quite unique to the beach.

How do I get there?
With Kiltan also being an island, road and rail transport is not possible. Visitors can either take the aerial route with Indian Airlines flight offerings or hop onto a cruise from Mumbai. Other travel options include taking boats from the various other Lakshadweep islands.

Where do I stay?
Kiltan offers limited accommodation with only cottages being offered to the visitors, these cottages offer good service with hygienic food being provided.

What do I carry?
While visiting Kiltan Beach it is necessary to carry tanning lotions if your planning on sunbathing, and a camera to capture the beauty of the place.

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