Kalpeni Beach – Lakshadweep

Kalpeni Beach – Lakshadweep

The beautiful uninhabited beach of Kalpeni is situated at a distance of 183 kms from Minicoy.

Why Kalpeni?
Kalpeni beach is a shallow beach, surrounded by beautiful lagoons and soft golden sands, which are ideal to relax on! Surrounded by calm bluish waters on all sides with the sun peeking through the cloudy skies and a cool breeze flowing, this beach guarantees a thoroughly relaxing time for the weary visitor. Promising a peaceful atmosphere, this beach also offers recreations in the form of water sports!

What else?
The shallow lagoons of Kalpeni promise a wide-variety of water sports to the sporty visitors while other activities one could indulge in would be long walks on the soft sands, or swimming in the calm waters of the sea. Visitors could also check out the humongous coral stone deposits on eastern side, which have formed a natural wall and serve as a major tourist attraction.

How do I get there?
Since Kalpeni is an island, road and rail travel is not an option, one has to either take an Indian Airlines flight or hop onto a cruise from Mumbai. Other travel options would include taking boats from the various islands of Lakshadweep.

Where do I stay?
Accommodation options are quite limited on Kalpeni beach, as there are very few resorts and tourist cottages which offer accommodation on this beach.

What do I carry?
Whenever visiting the sun kissed beach of Kalpeni, it is necessary to carry sunscreen lotion, a pair of sunglasses and sturdy footwear for those long walks!

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