Kadmat Beach – Lakshadweep

Kadmat Beach – Lakshadweep

The quaint little beach of Kadmat is located at a distance of 407 kms from Kochi and at a distance of 10 kms from the nearby famous Amini Beach.

Why Kadmat?
Blessed with natural beauty, Kadmat offers a heavenly sandy paradise to visitors. Bluish Gushing waves, a calm and serene atmosphere with swaying cool green palm trees and sandy lagoons, Kadmat vows its visitors from the word ‘go’! The clean transparent waters of the beach are ideal locations for scuba diving as one can clearly see the varied aquatic life on offer at the beach.

What else?
The shallow lagoons found on this beautiful beach are ideal places for scuba diving and other popular water sports! While the larger lagoons found on the northern part of the beach have abundant coral growths, a tourist attraction. The sandbanks at the southern tip of Kadmat are the most popular amongst tourists as they offer excellent location for sunbathing!

How do I get there?
Since the Kadmat Beach is actually an islet in the group of islands that constitute Lakshadweep, rail and road travel is not an option. However one could take the Indian Airlines flights that operate or hop onto a cruise from Mumbai. Other travel options would be to take boats from the various islets of Lakshadweep.

Where do I stay?
You can stay at cottages, which offer accommodation within the main city. They are well maintained and assure that the food they serve clean and hygienic food.

What do I carry?
If you are planning on sunbathing, do carry tanning lotions with you, along with a digital camera to capture the pure beauty of this beach.

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