Bangaram Beach – Lakshadweep

Bangaram Beach – Lakshadweep

The tiny and uninhabited beach of Bangaram is situated at a distance of 460 km from the costal town of Kochi.

Why Bangaram?
Uninhabited and unspoiled by time or tide, the Bangaram beach is a haven for the connoisseurs of natural beauty! Smooth, soft sands amidst dense groves of swaying palm trees along with gushing waves of various hues of blue set the mood for a serene and calm atmosphere on the beach. With deep set lagoons studded with the multi-colored corals visible on the surface makes Scuba diving an unforgettable experience in Bangram.

What else?
Bangram provides a wide panorama of under water life to its visitors plus the availability of a ship wreck means fishing and scuba diving are bound to become memorable experiences! Totally isolated and uninhabited, the beach doesn’t offer much on the activities front, except for long lazy walks on its sandy shore and its colorful abundance of nature at its best.

How do I get there?
Since it is an island, travel by roads and railways is not possible. However visitors could avail of the flights operated by Indian Airlines or hop onto a cruise from Mumbai. Another option would be boat travel from the various islands in Lakshadweep to Bangaram.

Where do I stay?
The place to stay in Bangaram is the Bangaram island resort on the beach. Well maintained with good service and hygienic food, it is a good option to stay if you are visiting Bangaram Beach!

What do I carry?
Since Bangaram is also an island, it becomes necessary to carry all your beach essentials with you. Maybe you could carry some extra cash just for you wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful artifacts they sell.

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