Amini Beach – Lakshadweep

Amini Beach – Lakshadweep

The quaint beach of Amini is located at a distance of 304kms from Mangalore, with the total area of the beach being 7 Kms.

Why Amini?
Because Amini is not just a beach but is actually a beautiful oblong shaped island! Deriving its name from the Amini’s who first inhabited Lakshadweep, this is one of the very few beaches to have not changed much with time. With its amazing Coral sandstone formations on the eastern and western border and timeless shade of the sea Amini is truly a nature lover’s delight! Ideal for long lazy walks, this sandy beach is the perfect holiday spot.

What else?
There is so much more than just sandy stretches in Amini. The local artisans almost use the beach as a shop front to sell their beautiful creations; which means you could purchase a variety of artifacts ranging from walking sticks made up of tortoise or coconut shell to intricately carved coral shells, at affordable prices! The evenings on Amini are livened up with the rendition of beautiful folk songs by locals that throw a lot of light on the local culture and tradition of the place.

How do I get there?
Since Amini is an island, rail or road travel is not an option. You could either hop onto an Indian Airlines flight or take boats from various islands in Lakshadweep. One could also take a cruise from Mumbai.

Where do I stay?
Accommodation is offered by many hotels, resorts etc., which are well maintained and offer good service along with hygienic food.

What do I carry?
The sun drenched beach of Amini necessities the carrying along of cotton clothes, sturdy walking shoes or sandals and a pair of sunglasses along with a hat and a sunscreen lotion for protection from the sun, unless you’d like to get a nice color!

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