AgattiBeach – Lakshadweep

Agatti Beach – Lakshadweep

The exquisitely beautiful beach of Agatti is located at a distance of some 459 Kms off Cochin.

Why Agatti?
Blessed with natural beauty and left untouched by time or tourists, Agatti beach has one of the most beautiful lagoons that one can ever experience on the western borders. The semi –transparent greenish blue waters of the beach act as showcases for the colorful fishes and stunning coral growth! This beach is also good for fishing!

What else?
Agatti offers an exquisite sight to visitors, while its lagoon permits safe swimming for all those water babies who love the feel of sun, sand and water! For beach goers with the need for some sporty action, Agatti offers a wide and exhaustive range of water sports such as Kayaking, Canoeing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Glass bottom boat riding, Skiing, Excursion to nearby islands, Lagoons, Deep Sea Diving and many more!

How do I get there?
Flying or cruising are the only two ways of getting to Agatti. If you prefer the aerial route then there are the Indian Airlines flights to Agatti which operate everyday except Sunday or else you could take a cruise from Mumbai.

Where do I stay?
Accommodation isn’t much of a problem as there are plenty of cottages, hotels etc., to cater to the visitors. An added advantage is these places are well maintained are serve good food with equally good service.

What do I carry?
Do carry beachwear and necessary essentials with you while visiting Agatti, also do not forget to carry a good camera to capture this beach’s beauty!

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