Thangasseri Beach – Kerala

Thangasseri Beach – Kerala


The beautiful Thangasseri beach is situated at a distance of 5kms away from Kollam town in Kerala.

Why Thirumullavaram Beach?

If you’re looking for a quiet and reflective holiday surrounded by placid waters and lush greenery, then Thangasseri Beach is the ideal holiday spot for you. This calm and serene beach has a 3kms sandy expanse all to itself and is the ideal relaxation spot for tired and weary urban souls!

What else?

If history interests you, then Thangasseri Beach will surely be of some importance to you! As it has witnessed Portuguese and Dutch invasions which can be still felt through the architecture of the buildings surrounding it, especially in the 18th century churches that are a must visit if you are at Thangasseri. The beach is also a hot spot for adrenaline junkies with activities such as the scuba driving, surfing, parasailing, catamaran riding, speed boat riding, swimming, and deep sea fishing amongst others!

How do I get there?

To get to Thangasseri Beach, the nearest railway station is Kollam (5kms) from where you will have to take a taxi to the beach. If the aerial route appeals more to you then the nearest international airport is Thiruvananthapuram, which is about 71 kms away from this beach.

Where do I stay?

You will have to stay at Kollam which is the nearest town offering accommodation in high end as well as budget hotels.

I must carry?
Beachwear, Camera and of course sun-screen.

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