Kappil Beach – Kerala

Kappil Beach – Kerala

The quaint and serene Kappil beach is situated at a distance of 6 kms from the famous Bekal beach in Kerala.

Why Kappad Beach?
Kappil is a beautiful, calm and secluded beach, making it an ideal location for the visitor who likes to stay away from usual hustle bustle of the crowd. The beach offers a special visual treat of the gushing Arabian Sea from the cliffs, which makes it a must see spot for nature lovers!

What else?
Secluded, sun-drenched and unexplored, the beach offers its visitors beautiful leisure laden landscape to gaze at and lots of unexplored trails to hike. The nearby Kodi cliff offers a panoramic view of the gushing Arabian Sea drawing endless visitors to the beach. It also offers you the much needed calm and quiet to rejuvenate yourself from within!

How do I get there?
To holiday at Kappil beach you can catch a train from Kasaragod, which is about 12kms away from this beach. Apart from the trains, the nearest airport is Mangalore which is about 50kms from Kasaragod. You can also get there from the Bekal beach, which is around 6kms away from this beach.

Where do I stay?
You will have to stay at Kasaragod, which is the nearest town to Kappil beach. You can also stay at resorts, hotels or guesthouses which offer accommodation on Bekal beach.

I must carry?
If you are planning on visiting Kappil beach, do carry sunscreen lotion as the sun beats down on the beach with all its glory!

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