Beypore Beach – Kerala

Beypore Beach – Kerala

Where the sand plays a harmony with the warmth of the sun and the cool of the waves; Beypore is happiness in itself.

The sandy paradise of Beypore Beach is located towards the southern part of Kerala. Situated at a distance of 10kms from Kozhikode, Beypore is nature’s lover’s bliss.

Why Beypore Beach?
Relaxation on your mind? Then it’s Beypore for you, which is a great beach to visit as it lets you relax with the ambience it creates with its gentle lapping waves and lemony breeze. You can also take a walk on stone bridge which takes you about 2kms into the Arabian Sea, as this beach is not so “touristy” you can enjoy the peace and purity that nature has on offer.

What else?
There is a historic boat yard located near Beypore beach; so do take some time out from your beach excursions to visit this boat-building yard where they construct “uru” a traditional vessel you’d love to check. And incase you want to try something traditional, you could very well opt for the first hand experience of the traditional way of life on the beach, which would include you taking a boat tour into the sea with the local fisherman and enjoy fishing the traditional way!

How do I get there?
To get to Beypore which is 11kms away from Calicut, you take either the road or the aerial route to the Calicut airport at Karipur lying 23 Kms from the Calicut City Centre and which is quite close to the beach.

Where do I stay?
There are loads of hotels, resorts and guesthouses offering accommodation in Calicut. Besides you can also stay at Beypore, with its offering of lodges and guesthouses- but of course a handful.

What do I carry?
Essential is your beachwear, some sun-blocks (unless you want that color) and a camera! Everything else is your choice!

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