St. Mary's Island – Karnataka

St. Mary’s Island – Karnataka


St. Mary’s island, about 6 km from Malpe in Udupi district is one of the four islands that form the pride of Arabian Sea on the western front. Also known as the Coconut Island due to the coconut groves across the island, the place is a picture perfect location. The present day name of the island is derived from ‘El Padron de Santa María’, as it was known when Vasco Da Gama landed here at the beginning of 15th century.

Why St. Mary’s Island?

If you are an avid nature lover and can spend hours admiring it, St. Mary’s island is the place to be. The place is quite famous with geologists, students and enthusiasts who love to explore the basic earth formation. The island is well known for its crystallized basalt rock formation, a rare and unique characteristic of the area. The other similar formation being the famous Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

What else?

Watch the sunset, stroll down the shore or simply relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere here. If you are a bird lover, nothing better than being on the island to watch exotic seabirds in action. Watch Sandpipers, Green Bee-eaters, Gulls and Brahminy Kites strolling across the beach. Test your fishing skills with the fishermen at the harbor.

Where do I stay?

Accommodation is not possible on the island and so you need to find a place to stay in Malpe itself. Karthik hotel is the cheapest accommodation in the town while Paradise Isle Beach Resort is the most expensive.

How do I reach?

The only way to reach St. Mary’s island is by a ferry ride from Malpe beach. The ferry starts at 9 in the morning, covering a distance of 6 km within 30 minutes. Malpe is not too far from Udupi, the place best connected to other major Indian cities by all means of transport.

What do I carry?

Since the island is uninhabited, the place is minus any hotels or restaurants. You would have to arrange for food and water on your own. So be well prepared beforehand.

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