Malpe Beach – Karnataka

Malpe Beach – Karnataka


This pampering beach is located in the district of Udupi, Karnataka. The beach lies at about 6kms away from Udupi.

Why Malpe Beach?

The silver stretch of ravishing sand makes you want to just lay on it and enjoy the sight of the sun drowning at the end of the distant ocean. It is a perfect picnic spot and is used for the same from a long time now. It is a perfect place for anchoring of ships during periods of rough weather patches. The Malpe beach is an important port in Karnataka and its fishing grounds are the most popular..

What else?

While you are visiting this fantastic beach, don’t miss out on the rest of Udupi. This district in Karnataka lies between the abundance of mountains in the western ghats and the Arabian sea on the other side. Udupi is famous for the number of temples. Each temple carries a mysterious tale. So, when you walk around this mysterious place, keep an eagle eye cause you might just unravel a mystery.

How do I get there?

By air: The nearest airport is Bajpe airport. From there you could take a rickshaw or a bus to the beach.
By rail: The nearest railway station is Udupi Railway Station that is about 3kms away.
By road: There are a network of routes to get to Udupi, the navigation signs are well described.

Where do I stay?

There are many hotels, motels and resorts in Udupi. The beach facing resorts are the best if you are looking for a life long memory.

What do I carry?

Carry a lot of clothes because the climate is very humid and you may want to take a shower couple of times a day while you are at Udupi. Other than that carry beachwear, glares and sun tan lotion. You may also need loads of time because you cannot enjoy the beach to the fullest with a time limit!

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