Veraval Beach – Gujrat

Veraval Beach – Gujrat

Stunning and captivating, the Veraval beach has more than just sand to offer!

The serene Verval beach is situated at a distance of 75kms from Junagadh which is quite close to the holy city of Somnath.

Why Veraval beach?
If you’re the kind to enjoy the ancient ruins trotting along old architecture and are looking for a beach to cool with, then Veraval Beach in Gujrat is just the place for you! Flanked by the remarkable yet ornamentally carved ruins of the Junagadh gate and Patan gate, furthered by the old royal palace with its Gothic features facing the sea; you’ll be left marveling about the grand old times! Other than these architectural behemoths sported by the beach it is also the place to go if you are looking to have a serene dip at the dawn or enjoy the heart pump with the plain ol’ jogging in the open airs!

What else?
Veraval beach offers a lot to the eye of the connoisseur in the form of the fishing port which is a beautiful sight in itself! The fishing port is where one can spot a lot of trawlers, pieces of Gujrati country‘s art, and dhows can be seen. The construction of Dhows in this area is done by master mind artisans, which is a true visual treat!

How do I get there?
The nearest airport is Ahmedabad or one could take overnight convenient trains from Ahmedabad. The beach is also well connected by road.

Where do I stay?
For the crème de la creme, the best and the most Luxurious hotel offering accommodation in Veraval is Hotel Park. And for those who consider accommodation secondary, there are other hotels that are available at Veraval like Satkar, Madhuram, Rajdhani and also tourist bungalow, Ajanta in budget price. Other than hotels, tourists can also reside at guesthouses and budget hotels at Veraval.

What do I carry?
If you are intent on getting some swimming done, carrying beach wear would be a good idea since the beach allows swimming. Plus do carry some extra cash with you as Verval offers a scope for shopping.

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