Mandvi Beach – Gujrat

Mandvi Beach – Gujrat

Nestled amidst Gujarat’s massive coastline of 1666 kms, lies the quaint little Mandvi beach, which is innocent and un-trodden.

Situated at a distance of 60kms from Bhuj by road.

Why Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach?
Clean and pretty; if that’s how you want your next holiday spot to be then Mandvi happens to be your spot! Mandvi is one of the prettiest and cleanest beaches in Gujarat with a curving expanse of pristine white sand flanked by the calm blue waters of the sea, surrounded with windmills on the side and an open sea right ahead. With such splendid scenery unfolding right in front of you; courtesy nature itself, the need for any more reasons to visit Mandvi Beach need not arise!

What else?
The beach offers fun activities to its visitors such as Camel and Horse rides or one could even opt for swimming in its safe waters! The beach also boasts of having historical background on account of its being a part of Lord Krishna’s submerged city; Dwarka!

How do I get there?

The nearest airport to Mandvi is Bhuj, which is 60kms away from the beach. The beach is also connected well by road and the nearest railway stations are Bhuj and Gandhidham.

Where do I stay?
Mandvi has some a/c Luxurious tents built behind the bushes, which protects them from strong breezes that blow over Mandvi; these tents are part of the private beach of Maharao. If you want a session of pure sand, serenity and sea, the tents are for you!
Elsewise, Mandvi offers accommodation options in high end as well as budget hotels.

What do I carry?
Do carry some extra cash, as Gujarat is the best place for textile and food. Hence, if you are a gourmet lover then this is the place to be!

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