Jampore Beach – Gujarat

Jampore Beach – Gujrat

When it comes to popular beaches, Goa usually takes the cake. But there are beaches beyond the famous that have what it takes to enchant your mind and Jampore is one of them. Though people crowd the beach on weekends, weekdays are a perfect getaway for sublime solitude. The low current waters make it a perfect for swimming and the sunny sea-side is ideal for sunbathing in the mornings and a peaceful stroll in the evenings.

Located on the western coast of the Indian peninsula, Jampore beach in the Daman territory truly has an irresistible appeal to it. It is no wonder that it attracts large numbers throughout the year.

What else?
For the more religious souls there are lot of temples and churches in and around Daman. The remnants of Portuguese colonization are clearly visible with architectural monuments like forts and lighthouses representing historic pride. The markets here are full with buzzing crowds and shopping is highly advised.

Where do I stay?
Daman is fast turning out to be a popular hangout spot for city dwellers, which has given rise to large number of hotels and beach resorts on the scene. Accommodation varies from cheap rooms to deluxe luxury suites. Most hotels are located close to the beach side and offer a spectacular sea view.

How do I get there?
Air: Daman domestic airport has regular flights from Mumbai and Baroda. Mumbai is the closest international airport from Daman.
Rail: Vapi is the closest railhead and is well connected to Mumbai and Surat.
Road: Public transport and luxury bus services from major cities around ensure round the clock accessibility to Daman.

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