Gopnath Beach – Gujrat

Gopnath Beach – Gujrat

History and present woven in a fine fabric that you’d love to wrap around you!

Where exactly?
This naturally exquisite beach is situated at a distance of 75 kms from Bhavnagar in Gujrat.

Why Gopnath Beach?
If nature is your thing, then Gopnath Beach would undoubtedly be your ideal holiday spot. Renowned for it beauty, Gopnath offers nature lovers a visual treat. Plus if you are a history buff, then the fact that the 50th richest king in the Indian history ruled over it where it formed an integral part of his kingdom should interest you greatly! The beach looks beautiful with attractive limestone cliffs and is good for a walk, looking forward to a splendid sunset.

What else?
If you are looking for adventure, then there are chances that you might be disappointed as this beach doesn’t offer much of activities to do. But if you are someone who prefers an idle status, you can enjoy the calm and quiet environment that the beach has to offer to the fullest, furthered by the beautiful view of sea and mesmerizing sea breeze making the Gopnath Beach a “must-visit” location in Gujrat.

How do I get there?
The Gopnath beach is well connected by rail and by road to Ahemdabad, which in turn is connected to all the main cities of the country.

Where do I stay?
At Gopnath you can stay at the Maharaja’s cottage, which offers a luxurious stay to its guests. Or if you are thinking of your wallet, you will find quite a few places to reside that’ll suit your budget.

What do I carry?
Do carry some extra cash with you as Gopnath Beach in Gujarat is the best place to take a bite into traditional Gujrati fare.

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