Beyt Dwarka Beach – Gujrat

Beyt Dwarka Beach – Gujrat

Hidden amidst the refineries and temples of Jamnagar, the Beyt Dwarka Beach offers a sandy treasure to the seekers of nature!

Located in Jamnagar.

Why Beyt Dwarka beach?
A place that offers tantalizing beauty along with seclusion from the holidaying crowds is always a good holiday spot. The Beyt Dwarka beach offers a much needed respite from the holiday crowds on account of it being a secluded beach, letting you relax with pure silence for company.

What else?
Interested in life under water? Beyt Dwarka offers some of the best marine life with coral reefs to explore! Low tides are a good time for spotting Dolphins leaping out of the distant sea or you could opt for scuba diving to explore the myriad under water life offered by Beyt Dwarka! If you aren’t in the mood for exploration you could always laze around in the white sands just gazing out at the blue seas, letting the sun tan you.

How do I get there?
To reach Beyt Dwarka from Jamnagar it takes around 6 hours by boat. By road you will have to go via Jamnagar, which is connected with most of the cities of India and will take around 15-17 hours of commuting.

Where do I stay?
You can find high-end hotels as well as economic hotels close to the Beyt Dwarka Beach.

What do I carry?
Nothing but a blanket to lay on the sands of Beyt Dwarka and relax.

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