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    Arambol Beach

    Where ?
    About 12 Kms from Chopdem, to the north-west of Mapusa. Its one of the beaches on the northern side of Goa.

    Why Arambo l?

    The Arambol beach is known for its scenic beauty and landscapes. There is a green stretch of coconut and cashew trees nearby the beach. The beach was famous for the hippies that used to frequent here and the wildest of parties hosted there. The beach is also good for swimming. It is less crowded with tourists and hence one can see and interact with the local folks and know more about their culture. The sand is lovely and clean and looks relatively untouched. If you are someone who likes to be alone with the nature, Arambol is perfect for you!

    What else ?

    There are various facilities available for the adventurous like dolphin watching, boat riding and parachute-gliding etc. You can even try out some fishing with the local folk. And if you like starfish, you?ll find plenty of them in the water at Arambol. You can even check out the freshwater lake and hot springs nearby.

    How do I get there ?

    The easiest way to reach Arambol beach is to take a bus from Mapusa. or Chopdem. Buses are available at regular intervals all day long. From Chopdem it takes around forty minutes to reach Arambol. For traveling within the area, motorbikes or taxis can be hired.
    Where do I stay?
    Accommodation at Arambol is not as good as other places in Goa. There are a few guest houses near the beach which you can rent out if you wish to stay there. A better idea would be to check in somewhere else and just visit Arambol.

    I must carry ?

    DON?T forget to carry your camera! There are many things you might want to capture.