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    Agonda Beach


    Agonda is around 12 Kms to the south of Cabo de Rama.

    Why Agonda?

    There is absolute calmness at Agonda beach. There are a few or no tourists at all at Agonda. One of the reasons for the beach being less crowded is that it?s not easily accessible by road or other transport. It is slightly away from the main road and hence no buses operate on this route. There are no fancy hotels, shacks and restaurants nearby the beach. If you are looking for an escape from the mundane world, Agonda beach gives just that.

    What else?

    There?s nothing much to do at Agonda. There are little or no facilities available. You can just take a nice walk and hear the sea breeze. It is the ideal place to be when you want a long walk with your loved ones. Swimming is also not advisable. You can hire a tent and have a camp fire at night.

    How do I get there?

    Reaching Agonda is not easy. There are no transport facilities available for Agonda. The best way is to hire a taxi, auto rickshaw or a motorbike from Cabo de Rama, Chauri or Margao to get there.

    Where do I stay?

    The best idea would be to hire a guesthouse nearby. If you plan to stay just for the night then hiring a tent would be a nice idea.

    What do I carry?

    Don?t expect any facilities. Make sure that you carry all the essential items with you.