North Versus South Goa

What can one say about the glorious wonder that is Goa? This tiny state on the west coast of India packs such a punch that once you visit Goa you will be perennially looking for a new excuse to get back there again. And this is exactly where the beauty of Goa will strike you, just about any excuse will do because this state has such a host of experiences to offer, that no matter what the purpose of your intended holiday, Goa will be the perfect destination for it.

So if you are tired of the rut your life has become and want to cool your heels, head to Goa. If you have been working exceptionally hard and want to just let your hair down and party…you know what to do, head to Goa.  Goa has it all, from the heady party scene of the buzzing North Goa to the absolute calm of the deserted south Goa beaches and the entire myriad experiences in between. This is in fact the essence of the difference between the beaches in North Goa and those in South Goa.

Goa boasts of some unabashedly stunning landscapes. In fact just the quality of the beaches here are enough to draw in most of the visitors that get here. So if you are young at heart, the scene in North Goa just adds to the flavour of this beach capital. If you choose Anjuna, Baga or Vagator, you get this merry touristy side of Goa that is buzzing with activity and still chilled out at the same time. The easy going attitude that is so infectious in Goa, makes you feel free to do your own thing even in a crowd. And be assured that it will get crowded in peak seasons. Get a bite of the exciting music that is Goa trance at any of the bars and discotheques dotting the beaches of Goa. Shop till you drop at the roadside shacks and drop some serious cash at the designer boutiques. You have it all on this side of Goa. Step into the number of bars and restaurants literally lining the streets in these parts and you can be assured of some great music and some lip smacking food. North Goa is colourful and festive all through out the year. In fact this is the side of Goa that draws in the tourists year after year.

But for the more reclusive and claustrophobic there is no need to fret. If you want peace of mind, a slice of solitude and fodder for the eye, replete with all the luxuries of high end resorts and five star hotels, South Goa is just the place for you.  You can choose from Bogmalo beach, Cavelossim beach or Palolem beach- this scenic haven is relatively untouched and deserted, and you will often have the beach all for yourself. Against the backdrop of the  magnificent Arabian sea and the silvery whites of the sands, you can rest your weary shoulders and take a breather from all your earthly thoughts and fears. The blue skies will envelop you like an oasis of calm in an increasingly maddening world.

So there you have it, two of the most fabulous Goa experiences pitted against each other. This is the great fight of the North Goa beaches versus the south Goa beaches. But what makes Goa work  is not either of them in isolation, but the fact that these two completely polar adventures can be yours, just a few hours away from each other. So you can be in jet set or in chill out zone, all on one holiday. So don’t wait for a new excuse. Just pack up and head off.