Miramar Beach Goa, Miramar Beach in Goa

Miramar Beach – Goa

Where ?
The silvery beach of Miramar is located about 3 kms away from the capital of Goa.

Why Miramar ?
If spending your days gazing at the sea happens to be on top of your list, then you must visit the Miramar Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Goa. The beach has unique silver soft sands which are said to glitter in the mornings! The beach offers stunning views of the sea; while staying true to its name, along with an equally wonderful view of the Fort Aguada. Plus as the night falls, the completely lit up Raj Bhavan offers visitors a mesmerizing view!

What else ?
Miramar beach does not offer much on the activities front, as it is a rather calm beach best suited for long evening walks with the magnificent sea for company. The most you can find on offer here is fishing and bird watching in the greenery surrounding the beach. Other activities you can indulge in at the beach are shopping, gorging on the local delicacies or kayaking.

How do I get there ?
To get to Miramar Beach, you can get buses, Taxis or auto rickshaws from absolutely anywhere in Goa, as the beach is well connected to the whole of Goa and is just 3 kms away from Panaji!

Where do I stay ?
Miramar beach offers plenty of accommodation options to visitors with high end as well as budget hotels. The best places to stay at Miramar are The Miramar Beach Resort, El Paso, Blue Bay and Hotel Goa International.

What do I carry ?
Miramar beach is a great place for shopping and eating out. So do make sure that you carry some extra cash to enjoy all the stuff.

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