Keri Beach Goa

Keri Beach – Goa

The serene Keri Beach is situated 5 kms to the north end of Arambol in Goa. It is roughly about 40 miles off Panaji adorning the tip of Goan coastline. It is relatively smaller and wiry in comparison to the other beaches in Goa.

Why Keri Beach?
It is one of those quiet corners of Goa that can be easily missed. But those who never get a chance to explore the beach don’t know what they’re missing out on. The beach is relatively small minus the zillions tourist mobs, plus the cluster of beautiful Casurina trees that align the beach.

What Else?
The beach exudes a very hippy vibe. Surrounding the beach are meditation and spiritual centers along with health cafés and shops. This gives the beach a very serene and peaceful touch. The beach also overlooks the beautiful fort of Tiracol (Terekhol) constructed over a hilltop back in the 16th century. The fort today is operational as a heritage hotel.

How do I get there?
The most convenient way to get to Keri Beach is to hire a bike or a car. Another option is catching a cab. The connecting roads may be shabby in terms of muddiness and narrowness but the transit is well worth the visit.

Where do I stay?
If you’re looking for a luxurious retreat near the Keri beach then Fort Tiracol is your answer. The boutique hotel offers large rooms with exquisite views and facilities. There are other hotels nearby where you can put up for a couple of days.

What do I carry?
Carry your swimsuits, spiritual suits, osho chappals along with other common items on your beach itinerary.

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