Eating Out / Party Places - Goa

Hangout at the Goan Shacks…!

One of the major attractions at the beaches in Goa are the Beach Shacks. They are located just on the beach or nearby it and are a great escape from the bright Goan Sun.

You can enjoy the cool breeze hitting your face as you lie on your beach bed. The entire setup of beach umbrellas, chairs, coconut trees, sand and the lively atmosphere adds up to the fun. Get a tan or get a massage from the expert masseurs. There’s always some good music being played at the shacks. You can even request for music of your choice and let your hair down.

As the day approaches to an end, the skyline is totally different. You can just lie on your beach bed, listen to the music and enjoy the beautiful Goan sunset all by the beachside.

Boogie all the way…!

Goa is known for its parties. The hippie culture, the pulsating music, the Goan trance beats, the lively crowd, Goa has it all. The Goan Rave Parties are famous with tourists all throughout the world. It all originated during the 1960’s when there were a lot of hippies visiting Goa. Tourists from all over the world used to gather in groups, play music, get drugged and dance all night long. Things have changed since then with the government putting some restrictions on such parties due to the rampant drug use.

A new kind of music has evolved in Goa, known as the Goa Trance. Rave parties are held almost every night around Christmas and New Year. The Goan rave parties are wild, full of trance music, dance and whole lot of fun. The venues are always different and there’s no fixed place for such parties. You can hire a bike and hunt one for yourself.

Besides the Rave parties, there are a number of discotheques and night clubs where you can let your hair down and dance the night away.

Our party animals recommend

Tito’s - Baga Beach

Temptations - Vagator Beach

Ziggy’s - Colva Beach

Lido’s - Dona Paola Beach

The Alcove - Vagator Beach

Zappa Beach Shack - Candolim Beach

Johnny Cool’s – Colva Beach