Budget Holidays in Goa

Goa, a place to find your personal nirvana, will entice you with its natural beauty. The Sun, the surf and the sand cater to every type of traveler. There are plenty of places to stay and lots of things to do on a tight budget too. Immaculate planning and the right amount of bargaining can ensure that your rupee goes a long way in Goa, making it the perfect destination for a cheap beach holiday. Here’s a lowdown on how you can enjoy a magnificent beach holiday on the glistening sands of Goa on a budget.

How to Get there ?

It is advisable to plan a trip to Goa a couple of months in advance, especially if you intend to fly there. There are several low cost airlines that ply from major metros to the Dabolim Airport in Goa on a daily basis. Booking tickets online, early can get you nominal rates.

For those who need something a tad more inexpensive, there is the Konkan railway, which has trains leaving Mumbai every night and will get you to Madgaon station in Goa in the morning. There are also buses that run daily to Goa, and even the fancier air conditioned buses will probably cost you lesser than air tickets. A useful tip is to go on a week day and for those immune to motion sickness, taking the last row seats in the bus will get you a further discount. You can get off at Panjim or Mapusa, to go to South Goa or North Goa respectively.

Once you get to Goa, you can take a pre paid taxi from the airport. If you take a taxi from anywhere else, ensure that you haggle. For the more adventurous, there are buses that run through Goa from Mapusa, Madgaon and Panjim. These are crowded and run every 30 minutes or so. But they are incredibly cheap.

Where To Stay (Accomodation) ?

What makes a cheap vacation in Goa so possible, is the enormous variety of accommodation available. Pick any beach in Goa and you are sure to find numerous two to three star hotels in it. There are also beach front shacks available at every beach which are dirt cheap. Here you can get a clean albeit tiny room for under Rs 200 a day, even in peak season. But don’t expect anything but basic amenities here. In fact, the isolated beaches in Goa are more likely to have these budget places to stay in, rather than the luxurious five star resorts. So don’t let the lack of resources hinder your adventurous streak.

Do remember that check in and check out time in Goa is 12 00 pm and you will generally get charged for over staying beyond this time. And you just might overstay, as flights and buses leaving Goa are usually scheduled for the evening. Please remember to discuss this with hotel authorities to avoid shelling out extra dough.

How To Get Around ?

Whether you are in Goa to admire its stunning churches or just to laze and relax on the beach, if you are a small group or a couple, it makes sense to hire a two-wheeler. The general rule is that you pay for rent and fuel. It is a non fuss and economical mode of transport to maximize your budget holiday in Goa.

Eating Out

Goa has loads of restaurants to suit every cuisine, palate and pocket. You can experiment and pick your favourites. Cheap food is generally not an issue in Goa and neither is cheap alcohol.


Goa is a shopper’s paradise, if you have excellent bargaining skills. For better and cheaper deals you can try the flea markets at Anjuna on Wednesdays and the fabulous night market at Arpora on Saturdays.. But remember to haggle to the end!

A totally Budget Option

If you only want to go to Goa to get away from the madness and chaos of everyday life, you can consider going in the off season. Goa has a strong seasonal tourism industry. And the monsoon means off season. Prices are slashed beyond imagination and the whole of Goa wears a deserted look. Definitely suits your purpose though doesn’t it? Most of the clubs and restaurants and beach shacks will be closed. But even the fancier three to four star resorts are extremely affordable at this time. So if your idea of a beach vacation in Goa is to stay in, be pampered amid nature’s most scenic beauty, then this is an amazingly cheap but luxurious holiday in Goa.