Best Holiday Deals in India - Goa

If you love the vast rolling ocean and sparkling silver and golden sands; If you love the fiery Sun and balmy climes all through the year then you have to know that there is no place like India to get your share of paradise. With endless stretches of sandy coastlines, tropical weather and a cultural and physical diversity like no other, India’s beaches offer you something that not many other countries can boast of. So now that you know that the best choice to get your next beach fix is India, read on to find out how you can maximize your trip and make your money go a long way.

Fist things first, how do you zero in on the location seeing that India has such a vast variety of choices? It really is simple; just find out what kind of holiday you want.Here are some general rules you can follow- To get a beach holiday combined with some cultural and architectural wonders head out to the stunning state of Orissa. For breathtaking vistas and a first hand experience of one of the world’s oldest healing systems- Ayurveda, there is nothing as perfect as Kerala. For those with spiritual leanings get a whole new spiritual perspective in the gorgeous Union Territory, Pondicherry. For solitude and lots of romance, you can choose from the stunning islands of Lakshwadweep and Andaman and Nicobar. For a lesson in how to party and relax at the same time, Goa is the place for you. You can also choose from our throbbing beach cities Mumbai and Chennai if you need some action packed holidays.

Once you have a rough idea about what you really want out of your trip, planning your Beach holiday in India becomes very easy. Thanks to globalization and the boom in Information and Technology all your planning can be done sitting at your computer wherever you are in the world. To get to India you can choose from a plethora of International Airlines that fly to the Indian metropolises almost daily and to the smaller cities several times a week. You can also choose to land at any of the bigger cities and connect to the ever mushrooming number of domestic airports strewn all over the country via any of the number of domestic airlines available. It is advisable to plan your trip early as you can get excellent deals for most of these airlines if you book early and e-ticketing obviously makes all of this a lot more convenient. You might want to check out some of the no frills airlines to reduce costs even further.

Traveling within India gets a whole new flavour if you choose to travel on the marvelously networked Indian Railway and you can book tickets for this too through the internet. Railways are a whole lot cheaper than the airlines and you can get to experience the rustic beauty and landscapes of India first hand through this incredible journey. There is also a host of bus services with varying degrees of luxury which you could avail of if you are covering short distances. Whatever you choose, planning in advance will definitely iron out most of the hiccups and troubles that last minute plans may cause you. While traveling in taxis or private vehicles, make sure that you have finalized a deal before you start your journey and it would be prudent to know if the driver is going to charge by the meter or not. It is best to get an estimate of the average price for the journey from a neutral third person to make sure you don’t get fleeced.

All through India you will always get plenty of options for accommodation. You can choose from the luxuries of a fabulous five star beach resort or choose to stay in a beach shack. There are plenty of websites that will give you hotel listings in possibly every category and even make reservations for you, and hence take a big load off your shoulders. A lot of hotels allow you to make reservations directly on their respective websites. A great deal of money can be saved if you choose to travel in off season. Peak season in most of the beach towns of India is in the November to February period. The weather at this time is cooler than the average hot Indian summer and is dry. The monsoons are completely off season due to the heavy rains that are typical of tropical weather and summer is low season. If you choose to travel in the monsoon period of July to October you will definitely save a lot of money, but a lot of beach destinations are partially closed down in the monsoons and you may end up losing a lot of the essential experiences.

There are loads of destinations in India that are still undiscovered and making inquiries with the locals can sometimes yield some fascinating experiences and vistas. Sound planning, a healthy amount of curiosity and an open mind will make your trip in India one of the most rewarding vacations that you might ever have. So good luck and bon voyage!