Benaulim Beach Goa Come Relax.

Benaulim Beach – Goa

The quiet and beautiful beach of Benaulim is situated to the south of Colva Beach, around 8 Kms away from Margao.

Why Benaulim?
The quiet and serene beach of Benaulim offers visitors the much needed peace of mind in Goa! Benaulim still retains the charm of the sleepy old seaside village that it was a few years ago and this is reflected in the rustic laid back beauty and atmosphere of the beach. It is an ideal spot for just unwinding from the daily hectic nature of life.

What else?
The quiet beach of Benaulim doesn’t offer much in terms of activities to the regular beachgoer offering you the opportunity to just laze around on the soft clean sands and do nothing at all! In case all that lazing around does make you feel hungry, there are countless local restaurants serving you food and drinks on demand! For sight seeing there is the Lady of Mercies Church and the beautiful beach itself!

How do I get there?
To get to benaulim you can catch a bus from Margoa, while for travelling purposes in Benaulim you can always hire motorbikes or taxis.

Where do I stay?
Benaulim has plenty of hotels and guesthouses which offer accommodation, namely the the L’Amour Beach Resort, Rosario’s Inn and the Camilson Beach Resort.

I must carry?
If you are planning on visiting Benaulim, it would be advisable to carry lots of tanning lotion, sunscreen and your walkman / Discman / I Pod. If you are a book person, then Benaulim is a great place to finish off that novel you always wanted to read! You can even hire a beach umbrella for some shade.

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