Arambol Beach Goa get one with nature.

Arambol Beach – Goa

The quaint and utterly charming beach of Arambol lies towards the northern side of Goa, at a distance of 12 kms from Chopdem, to the north-west of Mapusa.

Why Arambol?
Peace and quiet on your mind? Then, Arambol beach is the place for you! With rocky cliffs jutting out into the sea flanked by clean and almost untouched golden sands which house stretches of greenery, the beach is any nature lover’s paradise. Since it’s yet to turn into a tourist hot-spot, you won’t have to encounter crowds; thereby letting you relax and just enjoy the peace of mind offered by the beach.

What else?
The Arambol beach offers much more to the beachgoer than just the peace and quiet of mind along with natural beauty; it also offers fun activities such as dolphin watching, boat riding and parachute-gliding; beachgoer’s are known to take advantage of the rocky cliffs for swimming purposes too. Plus if you are looking for a cultural experience at Arambol you could even try out some fishing with the local folk. The nearby fresh water lake and hot springs are also major tourist attractions.

How do I get there?
Planning on holidaying in Arambol beach? To get there, you’ll have to take a Bus from Mapusa or Chopdem, from where it could take around forty minutes to reach Arambol. For commutation in Arambol, one could hire motorbikes or taxis.

Where do I stay?
Arambol doesn’t offer much in terms of accommodation. While there are a few guest houses which do offer accommodation; it would be a better idea to find accommodation elsewhere, preferably closer to the beach.

What do I carry?
Whenever visiting Arambol, do carry beach wear, and a video camera to capture the beautiful sights and sounds offered by the beach!

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